Dick Raman speaking at Mashable Social Media Miami

Mashable Social Media Miami

Miami Social Media is a loosely formed and informal collective of leading social media professionals in South Florida collaborating on various projects, events, and associations. I’m thrilled to speak at Mashable’s third annual Social Media Day! Mashable launched the event in 2010 as a way to…

Dick Raman Social+Mobile+Local

Breakfast Seminar on Social Media

  New Opportunities in Social+Mobile+Local Marketing When Google gave every business it’s own website, it revolutionized local marketing. Now that smartphones are in everyone’s pocket, Mobile marketing gets a new twist. Add to this social media with geo Info and you have a completely new…

Dick Raman at Social-Networking-Conference

I do the Keynote at SNC2012 in Miami on Jan 25th

As the industry’s largest conference, the Social Networking Conference discusses social networking. The conference will be held on January 23-25, 2012 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, USA. The conference is attended by professionals and senior executives from the social media and social…

online marketing summit:  online-marketing-boot-camp

I do a 3hr Workshop at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego

At the Online Marketing Summit, the premier global educational event for marketing professionals,  in San Diego ( February 6-10, 2012)  I will do a 3-hour workshop on Social+Mobile+Local marketing. The Online Marketing Summit (#OMS12) enables over 1500 attendees to collaborate, network and learn how to…


Standardized Restaurant Menu on the Web

I have always been a strong believer in standardization.  In fact I have spent many years leading the effort to standardize eBusiness as Chairman of UN/CEFACT, the United Nations body that governs important standards like EDIFACT, ebXML and more. I found it most refreshing to…

Dick Raman linkedin expert

Excellent LinkedIn Training

I recently came across an excellent video course for LinkedIn by a guy called Lewis Howe.  I do not easily recommend someone, but this guy deserves credit. I have followed his advice and I have drastically revised my profile on LinkedIn.  When people are searching…


The Social Media Talk

We’re starting a series of Webinars for Executives, Business Owners and Job Seekers.  This group of people is struggling with Social Media.  On the one hand they want to stay away from it, because they really have no time for it.  But on the other…

Dick Raman Dubbelzinnig Boek

Another book… and a special one!

This book was not written in the normal manner, but it was put together by a group of 16,000 people. These people, who we call Tweople (Twittering People), have composed the book, by voting for the best tweets from @Dubbelzinnig (‘Double Meaning’). The voting was…

Eye on Facebook

Why Companies need Facebook Apps

  With the amount of existing and new applications that are being created on Facebook, business owners have an opportunity to use Facebook to promote their brand even further.  There have been other social networks and media sites that have had limited success in terms…

Dick Raman Word Cloud on 'BP and Social Media'

Nifty Tool for Word Clouds

I found this nifty tool for word clouds at http://wordle.net You can paste an article or any text into a box on the site and it generates the cloud in an instant. You can then customize it by changing the layout (horizontal/vertical), colors and font….