Standardized Restaurant Menu on the Web

MenuIcon 300x300 Standardized Restaurant Menu on the Web
I have always been a strong believer in standardization.  In fact I have spent many years leading the effort to standardize eBusiness as Chairman of UN/CEFACT, the United Nations body that governs important standards like EDIFACT, ebXML and more.

I found it most refreshing to come across a service called OpenMenu, where Restaurants, Bars, Take-Out services and in fact any business with a food & beverage menu could standardize their menu in XML and maintain it in one place.

The standardized menu can be used anywhere on the web and there are plugins for websites and Facebook Pages that render the menu beautifully.

For the owner of the menu this is a big headache solved: updating the menu usually is a nightmare and when there are multiple places where the menu needs to be updated, there is a lot of work involved, not to speak of the chance mistakes are made and you end up with different menus.

There is even a service that for a nominal fee takes your menu and converts it to XML and uploads it to the central repository.

If you own a restaurant or a bar, that is certainly a great opportunity to save a lot of time and attract new customers.

For more information go to http://OpenMenuServices.comOpenMenuServicesIcon 150x212 Standardized Restaurant Menu on the Web