Dick Raman Word Cloud on 'BP and Social Media'

Nifty Tool for Word Clouds

I found this nifty tool for word clouds at http://wordle.net You can paste an article or any text into a box on the site and it generates the cloud in an instant. You can then customize it by changing the layout (horizontal/vertical), colors and font.  Very cool!

I used my WhitePaper on The case of BP and Social Media and it produced this word cloud:



  1. Robert · August 18, 2010

    I would love to try this, but the URL you provide does not take me to the proper site. But to some kind of link-trough page.
    Where can I find the right page?

  2. dickraman · August 18, 2010

    Sorry about that! I have corrected the URL…it was http://wordle.net Who could have thought that?